Hello, Welcome To The World Of Plush.

I am excited to announce The Waples Group’s new venture, Plush which will be a swapping site for plus size women that will eventually include a fashion search engine and bulletin board community. The genesis for this latest venture was born from personal experience. Being a plus size woman, I know how hard it has been in the past to look for cute, trendy clothes in my size. I am happy to say that things have much improved with many new and established stores/brands creating plus size clothes that range from basic to fashion forward. However, too much of a good thing brings it’s own problems. In this case it is having to many sites to search and not enough time. That is where Plush comes in.With the search engine if for example you are looking for white shirts, instead of going to multiple sites you would only need to use the search engine that will show white shirts from different stores all in one place.

The Plush site is still a work in progress, but in the meantime there will be blog posts and follow ups on twitter.

Until next time,



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