Why I Am Saying No To Target


I know that lots of people are excited that Target has included plus size in their new designer collaboration with Lily Pulitzer, I on the other hand am not one of them. While I have no problem with Lily Pulitzer, the same can not be said for Target. Target has always had a problem with dealing with their plus size customers. From the wack and tacky designed clothes to the placement of the plus size section in an undesirable area of the store, these are a few of the complaints that plus size customers have had for years. And even though this new designer collection will include plus sizes, plus size customers can only shop the collection online. While many may look at the inclusion of plus size as a victory, having customers of size only being able to buy online comes across to me as Targets way of throwing a bone to the plus size community rather than a genuine desire to cater to us. It is for those reasons that I have no plans to shop this collection.

With that said,I want to knowdo you plan to shop the Lily Pulitzer collection? Let me know in the comments below or @myplushcloset on Twitter.

Until next time,


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