The Day I Realized That I Am Old


Yesterday was a sad day for me, it was the day that I realized that I am officially old. Yesterday started out like any other regular day.I woke up,brushed my teeth and did a little fantasy retail therapy. It was during this last activity that it happened.While on rue21’s website, as I was looking through the clothes and not seeing anything that I like. All of the clothes to me looked to cutesy, too young. It then hit me that I am now old(er) and my taste has fashion taste has changed. Much like how the older you get your taste in music, movies and food changes, so does your style and fashion taste. While I was sad about that realization for a minuet, I am now so grateful for the aging process. Getting older means that we have the ability to change and grow, and that is  a good thing.

So tell me, has your fashion taste changed. You can comment below or even on Plush’s twitter account @myplushcloset.

Until next time,



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