Beauty Review:Drugstore Brands-WetnWild and NYC

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shopping at Walmart(I know, I know, no one would call shopping at Walmart pleasurable, yet it was for me on this particular day.  No Judgement please.) when I stopped in the beauty aisle and came across nail polishes from NYC New York Color that were on sale, many for under $1.00. I figured for such a low price it would not hurt to try a few polishes out. I wound up buying 4 nail polishes NYC Long Wear in Black Lace Creme, NYC Long Wear in Wine Bar, NYC Long wear in Plaza Plumberry and NYC Long Wear top coat. During a separate trip to Rite Aide I brought a few Wet N Wild nail polishes in Retro Mint, Wet Cement and Putting On Airs.

NYC Nail Polishes.
NYC Nail Polishes.

My thoughts on the NYC nail polishes are that while the colors are over all good, I was not entirely fond of the Black Lace Creme nail polish. The color was more of a brownish black rather than a true black, which is what I was looking for. My favorite nail polish out of the 4 is the Plaza Plumberry. The color is a deep burgundy/plum color that is perfect for Winter. I like Wine Bar, but it took at least four coats for the color to be opaque. Wine Bar is a medium red color that can be worn day or night and for work or play. The top coat gave the nails a high gloss shine that I really liked. As for the claim of the polishes being long wearing, I can not really say since the polishes started peeling off my nails immediately after they were painted. The cause of this may have more to do with oil being present on my nails than the polishes themselves. Outside of the few issues that I pointed out, I am overall happy with my experience using these polishes.

Wet N Wild Nail Polishes
Wet N Wild Nail Polishes

Moving on to the Wet N Wild polishes, I really like all three polishes but I know that not all of them can be worn on a regular basis. Of the three I like Wet Cement the most. Wet Cement is a brown grey color that can be worn everyday. This is a polish that is a neutral color that can also be worn at work. Putting On Airs is a light blue color that is great for Spring and Summer. I really like the color, however, I found applying the polish to be a bit messy and the brush applicator became detached from the top resulting in me not being able to use the polish at all. Last but certainly not least is Retro Mint, a light green color that is perfect for Spring. This color, however, depending on what you do for a living, may not be appropriate for work. I was able to wear this color out and got a compliment. This is a fun color to wear when you need to brighten up your outfit or day. I love the color, but I would not wear it for everyday.

I am wearing Plaza Plumberry.
I am wearing Plaza Plumberry.

I have always been a big fan of Wet n Wild’s polishes and now I am also a fan of NYC polishes. Both brands polishes are worth a look if you don’t have a lot of money or just want a cheap polish to experiment with color. Both brands can be found at your local pharmacy and Walmart.

With that I wish everyone a happy Spring.

Peace and Love,



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