Size Matters:Dropping The “Plus” In Plus Size


Over the last few days, I have come across more and more places and people who are questioning the “plus” designation in plus size fashion. From Melissa McCarthy and her collection that is all-inclusive , to JC Penny placing straight and plus size clothes in the same area, to even models who do not want to be classified as plus size models, but just models. All of this has got me thinking that maybe the word “plus” should be put to rest. I personally embrace the “plus” in plus size, I love saying I am a plus size woman. I feel that the word sums up who I am and how I see myself.

Yet, I can also see other peoples point of view. If you are a model, whether straight size or plus size, maybe you just want to be seen as a model and not limited to only plus size or straight size. You want to have the opportunity to be able to model for Lane Bryant and Valentino versus only being co-sign to plus size labels. I get and I understand that position, even though the other part of me thinks that if you are benefiting from being called “plus” with lots of modeling campaigns for Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, Eloquii and other plus size brands, complaining about it while only modeling for these brands and labels is a little hypocritical.

I also can understand that frustration as a woman of size when it comes to looking for clothes. Usually when I look for clothes, the plus size section tends to be located in an area that is not usually appealing. I have talked about in the past about my dislike of Target, and  dealing with Target placing their plus size section in the same area as their maternity section, which by the way is far from their women’s straight section that is in the front of the store.  This frustrates me to no end and makes me wonder if Target was to just get rid of straight and plus size sections and instead just have an all-inclusive section, would the clothes be better.

However, not everyone is ready to abandon the “plus” designation just yet. Tess Holiday, for one still prefers the designation if for no other reason than because it still helps her find what stores and brands to shop from.  This is an important consideration when it comes to clothes shopping, since one would not want to needlessly go in to a store to look for clothes only to find out that the store does not carry your size. So there are definite benefits to the “plus”designation. However, there are drawbacks as well that can not be over looked.

At the end of the day, whether anyone likes it or not, “plus” just may be here to stay, and that is not a bad thing.

That is just my opinion, what is yours? Let me know in the comments below or on our twitter  and Facebook page.

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