My Boobs and Me: An Anti-Love Story

Make your boobs happy with a new bra

With Plush’s  subscription box service launched this past Spring, I had time to think about why Plush was started.  As a woman with a large chest, finding a bra in my size that I liked was a challenge. Either I find a bra in my size, but it was plain looking, or find a bra that is cute, but is not in my size. There was never any in-between with bra shopping, bra shopping just left me cold.  I know that I am not alone in this, there are so many other women with large chest who also find bra shopping depressing. It is for those reasons why Plush was started.

Plush wants to make bra shopping fun for all women. No matter what your size, you should be able to get a bra that not only fits well, but looks good too.  The old mantra, if you look good, you feel good definitely applies to bras.  As you can see from the 2 photos below, a good fitting bra does make the woman.

Old Lane Bryant Bra




The first bra is an old Lane Bryant bra that I’ve had for years. While this bra has served me well over the years, it just was not fitting as well as it should. Plus, since it is an underwire bra, the metal part of the underwire started sticking out and pinching me.

The second bra from Curvy Couture fits better, is more comfortable and keeps everything in place.  My clothes fit better since the bra lifts, the strap is comfortable which means that I can wear this bra for hours. This bra is also cute, so there is no trade off when it comes to style and comfort.  For the first time in years, I found a bra that I loved.

With so many new plus size lingerie companies that are popping up online such as Curvy Couture, Curvy Kate and Panache, there is no reason why even large chested women can not find a bra to love.


Until next time,





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